The main purpose of the project is to identify and test innovative methods for the management of coal or lignite by-products that derive from its combustion. The main by-product that this proposal is targeting is fly ash. The idea behind this proposal is to find a way to both mitigate the CO2 emissions coming out from a power plant and manage the fly ash, as it is no easily disposed of. Moreover, it is also a way to minimise the costs from the transportation of the CO2 to the storage site since the carbon capture is made at the coal combustion sites.As mentioned, the final carbonated fly ash product is much safer for disposal and also has the potential for re-use as a construction material or additive due to the improvements in physical structure, mechanical strength and leaching resistance.

Moreover, the synthesis of zeolites, using coal fly ash, will be studied in order to be used as sorbents for capturing the carbon dioxide.

The proposed project will focus, mainly, on the following objectives:

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9th International Freiberg Conference, 3-8 June 2018, Berlin, Germany

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